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LIVE—Thursday July 28

  • 8:00pm Eastern (New York)
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Alan Beckley Inventor of the Wonder Wallet (Over 2 Million Sold)


"I attended the License Your Invention for Royalties webinar and have taken advantage of the many INVALUABLE resources you provided. Alan, I cannot thank you enough for being such a great mentor, role model, and teacher who truly helps others turn their dreams into reality." Rae Bazzy

"The License Your Invention for Royalties webinar gave me a clear picture of how to get a license deal accomplished. Now I have a step-by-step plan for what to do next and in what order. I highly recommend this free webinar. Thanks, Alan. " Morgan Smith

During This Free LIVE Webinar, You Will Learn...

  • The one secret you MUST know to succeed - that most inventors DON'T know.
  • 7 keys to licensing - follow these steps for success.
  • How to license for less than $500 - succeed without breaking the bank.
  • Why the first 2 minutes of your pitch are crucial. How to GRAB their attention and keep it.
  • Your licensing game plan, step-by-step. 

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